It’s never too late: Cannot become Can!
It’s never too late: Cannot become Can!
New Delhi: We always taught our daughter that after marriage, your family and your kid always should be your first priority. People think that being a housewife is a social stigma. But our recently made Dellwood, Mrs. India 2018 "Anshu Gupta" (36) the first Runner-up proved that Dream has no age.

At the age of 20, she got married to Business Man. Now she blessed with 2 kids. After 16 years of successful marriage, she never thought about all this. She was always busy with her family and kids. She forgot all her dreams and she was not thinking for herself. But one day when she opened her Facebook, she saw a post of Dellywood Mr. and Miss India 2018 and Mrs. 2018 India audition. She was thinking should I apply or not and she applied. Though she was not serious when she was applying. But later she received a call from Dellywood for an audition and that moment for was amazing.

Delhi based Anshu Gupta, graduated from Delhi University, Won the title of Mrs. India 2018 First Runner-up and also Most Photogenic, Most International Look, Stylish and Most Bold Personality as well. Anshu Gupta made paragon to those women who think that fashion and beauty industry is only for unmarried women.

Dellywood gave me that Identity which I have lost. A big thank you to Dellwood and Team.

Anshu Gupta has a very talented woman. She needs to recognize her talent. I have been in this industry for 23 years. I have seen there are lots of talented people in our country who stop dreaming because they have the myth that if you have good height and perfect body than fashion and beauty industries are welcoming you.  In Dellywood we are trying to give wings and fulfill their dreams.Added Babla Kathuriya.

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