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Reyhna Pandit visits Chandigarh to promote the Show ‘Manmohini’ …
-S.P.Chopra , Chandigarh: as these wicked, cunning practitioners of occult. Are these evil antagonists of fairy tales the manifestation of our sub-conscious fears or do they exist somewhere in the dark alleys of India’s hinterlands? While we’ll never really know the truth about their existence, have you ever imagined all the drama that could possibly unfold if a witch fell in love? Zee TV’s next primetime offering Manmohini will take audiences on a trip of edgy fantasy with a witch’s story of timeless love, revenge, desire, obsession and everything in between. Produced by LSD Films, Manmohini will go on air on 27th November 2018 and air every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm on Zee TV.

On her visit to the city, the ravishing Reyhna said, “Witches are historically considered hideous and frightful and the look is usually not easy on the eyes. But, Mohini is unlike any of these, in fact, she is beautiful, powerful and her obsessive streak to get her true love is attractive in its own dark way. All these factors drew me to the character and I am very excited to bring alive a different side of witches and witchcraft to the television screen. It feels great to be in Chandigarh today. I have been here in the past and every visit has given me an awesome experience. The people and the culture are so welcoming, and I am looking forward to having a good time whilst in the city.”


Mohini has the power of performing Bhura Jaadu and 500 years ago, she was a part of the Ghaghra Paltan cult, a nomadic tribe of Rajasthan, whose main occupation was to perform dance and song for the rich and powerful. It is her obsession to get Ram that will set her up in a war against his contemporary wife Siya - an unusual combat between two women, one a modern day mortal and the other an immortal evil spirit, to win back their love. Who will emerge victorious in this fight of good versus evil?

To find out, tune into Manmohini starting 27th November at 7.30 pm on Zee TV


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