The studio has many other services related to Nails Art, Lashes and Tatooos
The studio has many other services related to Nails Art, Lashes and Tatooos
-S.P.Chopra, Chandigarh : Like many Bollywood stars, Punjabi movie stars are also now actively jumping into the business apart from acting. There are many names in the Punjabi Industry who are already running different types of business. Among these stars, Bollywood and Pollywood actress Ihana Dhillon has also joined the race. Ihana Dhillon has started her 'Art Glam' studio at Sector 35, Chandigarh. In the event of opening of the studio, ihana Dhillon arrived in Chandigarh on Saturday. On this occasion, renowned anchor and actress Satinder Satti and actress Isha Rikhi were also present.

At this time, Ihana Dhillon informed that in this Art Glam Studio, services related to Nell Arts, Nail Extensions, Manicure, Pedicure, Lashes, and Tatooos will be provided. She has opened this studio together with her sister Kiran Dhillon and Shalani Sharma. After this studio, they will soon open other such studios in other cities of Punjab. According to them, Chandigarh and Punjab have also become like the big cities of the country, in this case, there is also a need for such a studio. They said that they will use some part of the business income as social charity, starting this initiative by providing aid for disabled children.


Highly enthusiastic Satinder Satti and Esha Rikhi congratulated Ihana  Dhillon and her team, saying that even though being very busy in the film world, it is a praiseworthy step that Ihana  Dhillon has spared some time for this business. Her initiative will also motivate other actors. She said that this self-belief should be in every actress. Satinder Sati has been active in other areas along with the entertainment industry for many years. According to her, a woamn can achieve any goal like man by doing hard work. According to Isha Rikhi, she is also planning such plans in the future. On this occasion, Kiran Dhillon and Shalani Sharma who were present on this occasion said that they are trying to make this studio the first choice of each and every resident of Chandigarh. Their studio will be different from all the studios, which can be estimated by anyone who comes here at first sight.

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