A college student and other create paving block made of plastic waste...
-IMAGE MEDIA (Maharashtra) : A engineering collage student and his supporters made a eco-friendly paving bricks using waste plastic as a binding eliment. His initiative is good says Dr.vijay thakrey and prof.arvind borekar,zafar khan who are his supporters

As most urban centres grapple with a mounting trash problem, one local man is taking matters into there own hands by recycling plastic waste into eco-friendly pavers to recycle it

Plastic waste has become a major problem. It blocks drain canals, pollutes rivers and wreaks havoc on the environment. However, awes siddiqui  22-year-old engineering student and his supporters arvind borekar,dr.thakrey,zafar khan in akola District has turned the waste into an income-generating venture by making building pavers from them.

Whereas some residents of akola Municipal Courpration have perceived garbage as a waste,awes and his colleagues have gone to the streets from where they pick littered wastes of polythene papers,poly bags,bottels to make them useful pavers.


How he started

Awes siddiqui, a resident of akola he says that according to an news report approx 190 tonn  per day waste is produces in city.which is very bulky amount in that the proportions of plastic is large so that I thaut this non degradable plastic can recycled by use plastic as binding agent in pavers and i started.if government helps than this bloks can be produce in large this project my teacher Dr.vr thakrey,arvind borekar and Mr.zafar khan helped  me to complete it


To make the pavers, the group first uses firewood to burn the plastic and polythene papers in pot until it melts.

They then mix lake sand into the liquid; and as they mingle. then pour the mix of plastic sand and some chemical to make pavers in different shapes.

“We put the polythene other plastics and some chemical  in a boiler and heat it until it turns into a liquid. We then mix lake sand into this liquid and stir for 30 minutes when it turns solid. The mixture is then poured into paver shapers and covered for two minutes. The end product is removed and left to cool for 15 minutes,” awes explains.

“We were trying to come up with a product and then find the best type of garbage to make it,” he says.


Due to lack of boiler and other melting equipment it's going very tough it's request to government and well-wishers to come to our rescue to enable us produce 1,000 pavers a day,” he said.

Zafar khan, one of the supporters , said they are often belittled whenever they go out in search of the materials.

“When people find us on garbage pits, they call us ‘mentally ill’ and sometimes chase us away” he said,

arguing that by collecting the littered polythene from the streets, they are not only ridding the town of garbage but conserving the environment.

 polythene waste into valuable products is not only helping to get rid of garbage in town but also conserving the environment.

“The polythene papers are destroying the environment and eroding the soil and its nutrients, so recycling it into valuable products is really commendable. I wish environmentalists could support them,”also we have to do research on it to give better colour and increasing compressive strength  borekar and Vijay thakarey said.


“ garbage was ruining the environment and I ask government to establish a garbage recycling plant in the area,” he said

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