‘The Gratification Ceremony’ on 5th May, 2019
-IMAGE MEDIA NETWORK, New Delhi : Schools have started and seems like Abacus has made its way again on the little fingertips of these kids. Looking at this, UCMAS Delhi had come up with its customary Mega Abacus Competition.

       UCMAS had once again organized Delhi’s biggest State Level Competition 2019 in which the children of age 5-15 years with Abacus aptitude joined in, St. Columba’s School, Gole Market.

In the competition, an astounding number of 1500+ children took part where they solved 200 mathematical questions in 8 minutes.

It was like a thunderbolt for the people to believe what an unimaginable thing these children were doing at such small age.

There was a time when we used to be of the same age and struggled memorizing tables, learning concepts and what not. And here they had solved such complex calculations effortlessly within seconds. Mathematics has been a kind of a nightmare for us as adults, but UCMAS has very smartly turned students into maths magicians these days.

Following this event will be the ‘The Gratification Ceremony’ on 5th May, 2019 at Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines for the students who excelled the competition along with throwing some light on Dyslexia and enlightening the audience with the ‘Awareness Campaign Against Dyslexia’ in the presence of Honorable Guests and esteemed personalities.


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