Home Credit partners with Uttar Pradesh Police to broaden financial inclusion in India
-Image Media Network,Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh : Home Credit India, a local arm of the international consumer finance provider with operations spanning over Europe and Asia, with its commitment to drive financial inclusion in India,today rolled out a unique initiative on Cyber crime awareness in association with Uttar PradeshPolice aimed to provide latest trends & skills related to cyber-frauds specifically in finance industry. The initiative seeks to contribute to the Police force by sharing best practices and success with officials investigating complex cases pertaining to financial frauds and cyber crime.

       The event was organized in the presence of  Sudhir Kumar Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad and Manish Kaushik, Head – Security, Home Credit India along with other senior officials like Shri Shlok Kumar, Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad City and Shri Prakash Kumar,Superintendent of Police (Crime)Ghaziabadis the eleventh city where the initiative has been rolled after being successfully launched in Gurugram and implemented in Ambala, Mehsana, Bhopal, Visakhapatnam, Kota, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Bundi and Vadodara respectively engaging with more than 1200 of police officials.

Speaking on the occasion Manish Kaushik, Head – Security, Home Credit India said; “At Home Credit, we focus on responsible lending to people with little or no credit history and through this initiative we intend to spread awareness about cyber crime and financial frauds. We are proud to associate ourselves with Ghaziabad Police to increase awareness about cyber fraud and cyber crime, as a responsible lender we wish to share our knowledge & understanding with the police personnel and law enforcement agencies on latest trends & skills related to cyber frauds. It is an honor for us to work closely with police personnel in creating the right ecosystem of effective and sustained awareness campaign for the society.”

Welcoming the initiative by Home Credit India, Sudhir Kumar Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad said; “Cyber stalking, cyber bullying, web jacking, theft of online data, virus dissemination, etc.are serious crimes which pose a threat to individuals as well as public and private sector organizations. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to have an effective cyber crime management strategy in place to identify and prevent such attacks. Our partnership with Home Credit India will enable us to spread fraud awareness and reduce cyber crimes in the city. As a step in this direction, we intend to provide our citizens a safe and friendly platform aided by technology for online banking, thus protecting them from financial frauds and cyber-crimes.”

In alignment to prevent and mitigate online fraud and cyber-crime, Home Credit India conducts knowledge sessions with police officials across different levels on challenges, issues and measures relating to prevention of cyber-crime, cyber bullying, online and financial frauds. These sessions highlight current trends through case studies and reference materials that help spread awareness associated with risks and / or threats. 


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