‘Surkhi Bindi’s Promotional Track ‘Demanda’ Released…
-Image Media Network, Chandigarh : Zee Studios, in association with Shri Narotam Ji Films, released the promotional track from their upcoming film Surkhi Bindi titled ‘Demanda’.

        Lead actor of the film, Gurnam Bhullar has sung the song; the lyrics are penned by Vicky Dhaliwal. V Rakx Music has composed the music. It is a perfect party number with equally amazing beats.  The cherry on the cake is the performance of both the leads of the film.

‘Demanda’ is a song that will definitely refresh the audiences and make them shake a leg. The song will be a definite entry to DJ’s list. The trailer and ‘Karmawala’ and ‘Pariya’ tracks had already received immense praise and had created ripples of curiosity amongst the audience. Now, this song will definitely add up to the whole excitement for ‘Surkhi Bindi’.

Singer-actor Gurnam Bhullar said, "Demanda will definitely break the monotony and will give a reason to audiences to dance. Sargun Mehta and I had a lot of fun while shooting the song. I just hope people will love this track and will give their support to ‘Surkhi Bindi’.”

This film is a full package of comedy, drama, romance, and emotions with most importantly giving a social message of empowering our women and highlighting the importance of support and understanding in any relationship.

Presented by Zee Studios, directed by ‘Qismat’ and ‘Shadaa’ hitmaker Jagdeep Sidhu, Surkhi Bindi, starring Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar, releases on August 30, 2019.

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