Global Wisdom International School taken flight with annual Day 'Udaan'
Global Wisdom International School taken flight with annual Day 'Udaan'
-Image Media Network,Derabassi: The Global Wisdom International School, based in Derabassi, 'flew' with the children giving excellent performance for the third consecutive year after crossing the first and second rung of the annual festival. In the program 'Udaan', the Regional Officer of CBSE participated as the Chief Guest. It was started by lighting the lamp by Gurdeep Singh Chahal, Chairman of the Managing Committee of the School, General Secretary Dr.Barkha Ram, Finance Secretary Subhash Chopra, Member Pramod, Gunarit and Principal Smt.Tajindra Pal Kaur.

      At the same time, the students of the school further extended the program by praising Saraswati Vandana and ShivaStuti. The highlight of the program was that the school children made presentations in their own way, highlighting the evils associated with the society. Which everyone admired very well. In his address, the Chief guest congratulated the management committee on the anniversary celebrating the works of the school.

Said that school children have exposed the main evils associated with society through their art, which we all need to stop together. At the same time, the school chairman  Gurdeep Singh Chahal praised the progressive work of the school principal and staff.School Principal Tajindra Pal Kaur said that the faith that the parents of the children have shown towards the school is like a strong pillar for the school. Which will be further strengthened by the school. On the second day of the program, Chief Judicial Magistrate-cum-Secretary, Legal Services Authority Panchkula Vivek Goyal said that this is the first anniversary of his life which he has felt sincerely.

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