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Amid A Lot Of Twists And Turns, ‘Khasma Nu Khani’ Tops The TRP Charts
Chandigarh : Zee Punjabi has Been Creating Waves of Fresh Content Among Punjabi Audiences, Since its Launch. All Shows Like ‘Vilayti Bhabhi’, ‘Tu Patang Main Dor’, ‘Kamli Ishq Di’, ‘Tera Rang Chadeya’ are equally loved by audiences. However, amid a lot of twists and turns, ‘Khasma Nu Khani’ tops the TRP charts this week.

     Khasma Nu Khani, a story of wife ‘Desho’, to win over her husband ‘Armaan’. After becoming successful, Armaan starts getting embarrassed about his wife’s rustic roots. The couple’s marriage falls apart when he begins to have an affair with a modern girl ‘Simple’. This continuous fight between Desho and Simple for Armaan is what keeps people tick to their TV screens.

In the latest episodes, during Diwali celebrations, Desho plots to reveal the true colours of Simple by putting the blame of jewel theft. However, tables turned and Simple tricked Desho in her own plan, which in turn makes Armaan even sterner to divorce Desho.

What will happen next? Will Armaan finally divorce Desho or will Simple be successful in her evil plans?


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