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Adhvik Mahajan & Amandeep Sidhu Star ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’ New Show On Zee TV
Mumbai : Zee TV has come up with a new show Teri Meri Ikk Jindri starring Adhvik Mahajan and Amandeep Sidhu. The show, which is based in Amritsar, is a love story and revolves around two characters Mahi and Jogi. The show started on January 27 is getting a lot of attention and has already started making place in the audience”s hearts. Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s lead actress Amandeep Sidhu, who is on cloud nine from the response of the audience till now,

      Adhvik Mahajan, Amandeep said, “My bond is really nice with him because I don’t know but from the very first day we got connected so well and became good friends. He is very supportive. It is fun shooting with him. And because of which we are able to shoot our scene together every nicely. I am lucky to have him.” Adhvik Mahajan is essaying the role of Jogi in the serial. 

As mentioned earlier, the show has been set in the backdrop of Amritsar and the whole team was there for the shooting. When asked to share her shooting experience in Amritsar, Amandeep shared, “It was very difficult because of the cold. We were shooting in close to 5 or degrees in the morning so it was more difficult. But on another side, it was fun because I have never done shooting in so much cold. I enjoyed the experience. I ate Punjabi food there and was thoroughly enjoying the place.”

There were reports that Amandeep had to learn to ride a bike for the serial. On this, she said, “For promotions, I learned bike riding. The experience I would say was good. Because no incident happened so it was good in that sense. I do face problems in the starting because it was a very very heavy bike but then slowly everything became smooth. It was fun riding a heavy machine.”

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