Where Nature & Tech Make A Perfect Team : Chevron
Where Nature & Tech Make A Perfect Team : Chevron
-Image Media Network : Times are truly changing! Otherwise how else can there be perfect harmony between nature and technology. Aravallis is the green lung of Gurugram and located in the midst of the green lung is this example of perfect harmony-Chevron

       Chevron, a bar and lounge that was launched with a bang at the end of 2020 is the go to place for everyone including the residents of Gurugram and Faridabad. It is located in the lush green Gwal Pahari area of Gurugram on the Gurugram-Faridabad road.

Chevron, designed by interior designer Shikha Sharma of Hive obsession, is a perfect mix of minimal design in a sprawling space. The prism themed walls, the black and white lined floor are not just mesmerizing but also pleasing to the eye. In fact, Chevron actually means design patterns with black and white lines. Every corner of the ground floor has a clear view of the centre of the floor and the bar with the main attraction of the floor being the prism shaped DJ console.

Chevron is Keshav Bhardwaj’s baby, and the DJ console is his pride. For Keshav aka Klipr, an electronic house and electro artist, this console is close to the heart. He is also the Founder of Streamin’ Music Group.The console can be used to display millions of images and graphics keeping the time, mood and occasion in mind. The massive screen on the wall and two huge panels on the side walls ensure that everyone gets to witness the magic being created on stage. The central area has a uniquely designed stage that can be used for live performances, DJ nights etc.

“Being into music, I used the latest in music and technology to offer a never-before experience to our patrons. At Chevron, special attention is paid to the acoustics so that not only is the sound of music uniform everywhere, but there is no blaring or jarring of sound also. Special lighting technology has also been used, which can be easily changed as per the mood, time or even theme,” says 27-year-old Keshav.

The well-lit restaurant is divided into three sections with a separate VIP lounge on the mezzanine floor that can be easily used for private parties too. The ground floor is carefully divided into lounge and dining areas along with a well-stocked bar and a well-equipped kitchen. Even the rest rooms offer state of the art fittings with a separate area for the especially abled too.

Buoyed with the success, Chevron has now opened their outdoors for people to sit out and enjoy the wonderful greenery while partaking of the food and the ambience of the lounge.

Considering the pandemic is still lurking around, complete precaution is taken to keep the place safe for everyone. “We take all precautions like regular sanitisation and social distancing inside the lounge,” says Keshav.

Chevron offers a good mix of Italian, Oriental and Continental cuisine and is an ideal place to relax while enjoying an evening out with friends over drinks and snacks or even while hosting a family lunch.

Chevron’s menu has been designed by Chef Martin Rozario who has worked with multiple five-star hotels and several standalone restaurants. “The food at Chevron will satisfy your taste buds totally –be it a quick bite or a full-fledged meal,” says Martin.

Sure enough their Jerusalem prawn andartichoke soup, chicken Caesarsalad and grilled Gyoza chickenare must-tries, the Spanish crepes are mouth-watering, the grilled king prawn with butter herb sauce, Sichuan chicken andrice pot and Raisukaree are satiating meals. Their extensive menu includes soups, starters and main courses such as chicken and tomato soup, Arabian sishtouk, cottage cheese peppernota, Mexican enchiladas, traditional Swiss chicken/vegetable stroganoff, Hungarian lamb or artichoke and mushroom goulash, New Zealand grilled lamb chop with red wine sauce and more.

So get away from the stress of the pandemic and work-from-home and have a relaxed meal at Chevron!

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