Journey to Becoming Pro Makeup Artist is Bridal & Party Makeup
-Image Media Network, New Delhi : Shruti Kukreja is a leading makeup artist in the industry. She has garnered her excellence in this field from the prestigious Makeup School, Europe. Her make-ups have graced the pages of publications including Grazia, Deccan Chronicle, the Statesman, the Asian Age, the Avenue mail, etc. In this article, she reveals the dynamic path to success as a pro-makeup artist. She also shares how the journey to becoming a pro-makeup artist is beyond bridal and party makeup.


           These days aspiring makeup lovers are gravitated towards pursuing a career as a professional makeup artist. And why not it is one of the most dynamic and alluring industries. Also, the roaring makeup industry provides a wide scope of opportunities to a Makeup Artist.Shruti Kukreja says “Where bridal makeup ends, the journey to becoming a pro-makeup artist starts.” She says that budding makeup artists are limiting their skills to bridal and party makeup. This is occurring due to the lack of knowledge and exposure to the makeup industry.  The artists tend to take bridal makeup as the ultimate end of learning in their pro-makeup artist journey, which isn’t the truth. In order to become a professional makeup artist, one needs to be skilled in high fashion, avant-garde, and haute couture makeup. Further, they can also have a specialized career in, prosthetics, creature maquette, and sculpting as well. 


Today, makeup artists are working in two main industries- cosmetic or fashion makeup and dramatic or film makeup. A troupe isn't finished without the ideal makeup. Celebrities even rely upon the best makeup artists for shoots and appearances. So, there is a colossal interest out there in the event that you are exceptionally innovative, enthusiastic, and have the correct ranges of abilities.

Well, Shruti Kukreja by virtue of her high-fashion works and years of expertise, is now the proud founder of SKMI. She aims to create awareness about Hollywood- inspired prosthetic makeup in India. She is determined to educate and impart knowledge regarding different genres of makeup and the opportunities available to professional makeup artists.  Being the only prosthetic makeup artist in Delhi, she is seasoned with prosthetics, creature maquette, sculpting, bridal makeup, and a lot more.

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